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What is a Mantra?

The word 'Mantra' is a combination of two Sanskrit words 'Man' for 'Mananat' and 'Tra' for 'Trayate'. Mananat means constantly thinking of something, repeating it and having it in mind. Trayite means saving or doing good. A Mantra is thus something, a word, phrase or sound, that you repeat again and again which will save you and be good for you.

In which way can a Mantra help you?

Saying a Mantra can save you from negativity does not mean that you suddenly have some sort of supernatural power because of this Mantra which will protect you. Sound has a big influence on your mind and consciousness which is why it is used in many therapies and psychological healing methods. You can feel yourself that you feel good when listening to beautiful and joyful music whereas other music styles can raise aggression. The sense behind repeating a Mantra is that it increases positivity inside you and reconditions your mind towards a positive attitude. It is a psychological process which helps you to a happier life.

Protection from Negativity

With the repetition of something positive, you will be positive and the repetition will help you to stay positive even if there is negativity around you. When you repeat a positive phrase about happiness, for example how beautiful the morning is, you will be in this happiness and even if there is a person who thinks it is a horrible day, you will remain in your good mood. The Mantra 'it is a beautiful morning' has saved you from losing your happiness.

Mantras for Illnesses and Diseases

Mantras for physical issues are not like a painkiller pill that you can chew and everything is fine. A Mantra helps you to have stability for your mind to deal with whatever comes up with this illness. Mantra meditation helps breaking old patterns of thinking and acting like the tendency to suffer. Instead it helps us to remain strong and fight the illness.

Can a Mantra harm you?

No, a Mantra cannot harm you and it cannot harm anybody else. Some people claim that they can give you a Mantra which will harm competitors and enemies but a Mantra is not a magic spell! A Mantra has in its name that it is doing something good for you.

What if I pronounce it wrong?

If you recite a Sanskrit Mantra it is just natural that you cannot pronounce it fully correctly at least in the beginning as it is not your mother tongue. After listening many times and with some practice you may be able to say it correctly but even if there are some sounds which do not exist in your language and which your tongue refuses to pronounce, there will be absolutely no harm done! Some people think Mantras work like magic spells in movies and fiction books where you have to say it correctly for it to work. It is the intention, the feeling and the love that count while you are saying your Mantra. If you say 'I am happy with my full heart' and you do not pronounce it correctly, you still know what you are saying and your heart feels happy and light, so don't worry, you cannot do anything wrong.

How to choose a Mantra?

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